Planning For and Raising Puppies

Quality Over Quantity

I begin every litter with my own Dam from top Champion blood lines. I screen all Dams to obtain eye CERF certification and OFA hip certification (only good or excellent used). Then I search for the best possible stud to compliment the Dams pedigree and structure. They also must be from top Champion blood lines, have a clear CERF, an OFA of good or excellent, and a current negative Bruccellosis. Temperament is extremely important to me. My dogs are first and foremost members of my family and true specimens of the breed.

Leo at 2 Weeks - Grace 09 LitterAfter a breeding is done, and the puppies arrive, the real work begins. The puppies are brought into the busier part of the house around four weeks of age to learn all about the world. They are exposed to all the normal household sounds, sights, and smells. At five to six weeks of age they are typically naturally weaned from mommy and the training begins. I start taking them outside so they can get used to grass, concrete, asphalt, etc. During the final week I place them in individual crates for the night to get them prepared for crating and their new homes.

I keep a strict daily schedule and work very hard on house breaking. As the puppies get older they start to pick up on simple commands like NO and go potty outside. I strongly believe placing starter trained puppies is the best thing for both the puppy and the new owner. By doing all of this training here I can ease the transition and make the bonding time pleasant instead of frustrating for all.

My health care also begins early. I worm the puppies at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. They are taken for a vet check up during their final week here. My buyers are given the education and opportunity to decide the vaccination schedule best for our puppy. I believe that a holistic approach to health care is best. I strive to always keep buyers up to date on all breed specific health and medicine protocols and alerts.

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