DzLegndary represents Danielle's Legendary Samoyeds and you've discovered my passion. AKC Breeder of Merit as well as proud member of the Samoyed Club of America, me and my Samoyed fancier family are dedicated to nurturing the bond between us and our white furred best friends. By continuously immersing my Sammies in a loving environment, they not only grow to become intelligent but also inherit the character that makes them the perfect four-pawed companion. Since their every need is in my hands it is my obligation to do everything in my power to ensure that each and every puppy whelped is bred, raised, and trained to the highest possible standard.

Dear DzLegndary Samoyeds clients, prospective clients and fans,

It has come to my attention that criminals are fraudulently using my name (Danielle Ellis), my husband’s name (Barry J. Ellis-who is not even a part of or involved in DzLegndary Samoyeds), our likenesses, copyrighted images, and images of pedigrees and official AKC Documents from my website in attempts to get deposits for Samoyeds that don’t exist under false pretenses. Please beware of the following red flag methods that these criminals are using to trick prospective customers into sending money toward the purchase of a Samoyed, again that doesn’t exist:

- I DO NOT advertise puppies, adolescent, nor adult companion, show, or retired show Samoyeds for sale in any newspaper listings, catalogue listings, commercial listings, puppy sales websites, nor on any social media sites other than my official DzLegndary Samoyeds and my personal Facebook pages.  I solely rely on word of mouth, internet traffic via my DzLegndary Samoyeds website, or the Samoyed Club of America (SCA) breeder listings for referrals. Also, BEWARE OF COPYCATS trying to spell their pages similarly.  There is no second “E” in DzLegndary for AKC registration purposes.  This will never change.

- I DO NOT ask that any advance payment be sent to any location other than my domestic P.O. Box (NO foreign addresses), which I provide via LIVE phone communication, after ALL pre-vetting steps have been completed (requiring several LIVE phone calls with me and me alone prior to this point).

- I DO NOT ask that any advance payment be sent to (or be provided IN PERSON to) any person other than myself.  NO other family members, friends, or business associates will perform this action.

- I DO NOT take purchase deposits via Money Gram, Pay Pal, credit card, nor any other electronic means of money transfer.  I accept Personal Checks only to my domestic P.O. Box provided, which must clear prior to any animal leaving my possession.

- I HAVE NOT and DO NOT ship any puppies leaving my possession to a new home, period.  I only perform IN PERSON pick up at a location mutually convenient to both parties.  Anyone claiming to be me and shipping puppies is NOT me.

- I DO purposely require several LIVE telephone communications to ensure a relationship is established between my clients and myself to protect my Samoyeds from fraudulent purchasers and protect both parties against this type of fraudulent situation.

Also, due to this situation and at the advice of the FTC’s Internet Crimes Division, I have relocated the remainder of our site to a private location.  I will be reaching out to all my past clients to provide them access to this site.  If you are interested in a DzLegndary Samoyed, please follow the puppy purchase steps below to correctly establish our relationship and, if all goes well, bring home one of my fluffy puppies.

Interested in a DzLegndary Samoyed?
  • Step 1: Call me directly to learn about current available Samoyeds and gain access to my private site.
  • Step 2: See if the timing of my Planned Litters is right for you.
  • Step 3: Read and learn about my Puppy Purchase process.
  • Step 4: Fill out and send a Puppy Buyer Questionnaire to (Acrobat - pdf / Word - doc)
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